River City Environmental helps you comply with the Clean Water Act as well as local and regional water quality regulations. From maintaining catch basins and sedimentation manholes to installing filtration systems, we'll help get your site compliant.

River City provides a full array of stormwater services, including:

CleanWay filter cleaning
  • Professional cleaning and maintenance services for catch basins, drywells and swales

  • Cleaning your pipes as well as jetting and videoing your pipes to ensure continued flow

  • Storm drain jetting and cleaning

  • Stormwater filter cleaning

  • Drywell permitting and decommissioning

  • Locating

  • Mapping

  • Oil-water separator cleaning

  • Sedimentation manhole installation

  • Bioswale and pond cleaning

  • Underground detention cleaning

  • Vactor truck services

  • Video and camera inspection and monitoring

Servicing your catch basins on a regular basis is important. Imagine if you haven't cleaned your truck in 5 years. Frequency for maintenance depends upon the pollutant load at your site, site and typical weather conditions.

And if you have a metal roof, consider your rooftop runoff. These metals need to be removed from your stormwater runoff to ensure your site remains in compliance.


Compliance testing and reporting

Onsite Sewage System (OSS) inspection reports for Washington County, OR


CleanWay Environmental Partners offers cost effective, efficient catch basin filtration inserts that fit any size catch basin and will help you achieve or maintain regulatory compliance. 

River City can retrofit your existing catch basin or replace systems with a CleanWay filtration insert.

Filter Insert Installation and Maintenance

Contech StormFilter service and cleaning

River City provides complete installation and maintenance services for CleanWay Environmental Partners filtration systems, Contech StormFilter systems and the stormwater treatment systems of most manufacturers.


Parking Lot Services

We also offer comprehensive parking lot services for your business.

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