commercial SNOW REMOVAL Services

We provide snow removal, clearing and deicing at your place of business. We'll keep your parking lot safe, your walkways deiced and your streets clear.

We watch the weather!

River City Environmental continually monitors meteorological data to anticipate changes in the weather. When cold fronts move into the area, we're prepared and can help you be prepared, too. Our services are available 24/7 because snow and ice don't always come during normal business hours.

Comprehensive site evaluation

River City Environmental works with you to devise an optimal protection plan for snow and ice. We can map traffic flow and patterns, mark critical public safety components such as fire hydrants, and mark curbs and other obstacles that can be hard to see in a foot of snow. 

exceptional safety record

River City makes training a priority to ensure the highest quality service and support for your business during hazardous winter weather. Whether it's snow or ice, our technicians have the training and equipment to safely provide snow removal, plowing, and de-icing / icemelt while ensuring customers can safely access your business.

FLexible plans save you money

Because each winter storm is unique, River City is flexible, adapting a snow and ice plan to the ever-changing winter weather conditions to save you money. If the snow is only going to be around for a day, we manage the situation differently than if the snow is anticipated for several days or a week. By matching our services to the actual weather patterns, we ensure your property only receives necessary services.

Additionally, every winter storm event is documented to include multi-source hourly weather conditions for the Portland metropolitan and surrounding areas including Clark County. We document weather conditions at your site and the time our technicians spend on site with detailed time sheets.

River City Environmental's 24/7 emergency response team is ready to take care of any snow and ice emergency. We maintain parking lots, sidewalks, driveways and roads; we can plow and de-ice any surface.

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Snow Removal Service area

River City offers snow removal and deicing services throughout the Portland metropolitan, southwest Washington and surrounding areas. Contact us for detailed service locations.