emergency sewer bypass

Emergency bypasses are necessitated by unforeseen equipment breakdowns and the consequence is a backup in sewage resulting in overflows, spills, environmental damage and fines. In dealing with these catastrophes, speed is of the essence and River City Environmental has dedicated numerous resources to this end.

River City Environmental has the staff, tools and equipment necessary to get manpower and equipment to the scene of an emergency sewage bypass before anyone else. Depending upon the scope of the problem, we can provide technicians, laborers, supervision, pumps, valves, pipe, hose fittings and the equipment needed to put it all together. Our Bypass Trailer is outfitted with equipment and stocked with all the fittings needed to get a complicated bypass up and running in no time.

sewer bypass plan

The ideal way to prepare for an emergency sewage bypass is to have a service plan in place ahead of time. River City Environmental offers a service to provide a complete written Emergency Sewage Bypass Plan to help you prepare. Our staff will evaluate your pump stations, review the access, flows and other logistical issues and write up a plan of action with a detailed list of the equipment required in the event of a breakdown.

We will also recommend any infrastructure improvements that may be needed to facilitate a temporary pumping system. Copies of the plan will be maintained at the facilities of both our customer and Pumping Services, and it can be mobilized in the event of an emergency.

When it comes to Emergency Sewage Bypass, think local. As a local company, we can mobilize quicker, get onsite faster, and have you back on line more rapidly than any other sewer bypass or dewatering company.


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