Come See Us At The Clark County Fair: August 2nd through August 11th, 2019

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Swing by our emergency response truck at the Clark County Fair to learn more about any of the several immediate job openings at River City Environmental. The weather has been perfect so far and we are having a blast at the fair. We'll be here until August 11th so drop by and say "hello" if you get the chance, we'd love to meet you!

Current Job Openings at River City Environmental: Click Here

Sloughper Friday, October 12th, LID Celebration and Columbia Slough Cleanup

Parkrose Businesses Host Columbia Slough Clean-Up, Celebration of Local Improvement District Infrastructure Upgrades

September 5st, 2018. River City Environmental announced today that it will host a celebration marking the completion of their neighborhood’s Local Improvement District’s (LID) infrastructure and stormwater facility upgrades. The celebration will include a morning cleanup effort by local businesses and employee volunteers around the Columbia Slough canoe launch at NE 112th Avenue. The event will then move to River City’s facility where lunch will be served and participants will be recognized for their contributions. Notable luncheon highlights will include speaker presentations by River City’s Owner, Steve McInnis and other participating business, City of Portland and non-profit organization leaders. The event will be held on Friday, October 12th from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at River City Environmental: 5410 NE 109th Ave, Portland, OR 97220.

“The businesses in our area hope that this celebration demonstrates our appreciation for the great work the Portland Bureau of Transportation has done in getting these upgrades completed in such a timely and efficient manner,” said River City’s Steve McInnis, “The pavement, lighting, landscaping and stormwater improvements realized as a result of this effort have vastly improved safety, access, customer confidence and business operations for all businesses concerned,” added McInnis.

Morning cleanup efforts will be held from 10:00 AM until noon. Clean-up participants will stage at River City’s facilities in the morning. The luncheon celebration will be held from noon until 2:00 PM. Shuttle service to and from the Parkrose Transit Center will be provided free of charge during the event. A limited number of volunteer positions will be available for the general public. Details are available on the River City Environmental and SOLVE websites. Luncheon features will include informational presentations and exhibits from SOLVE, The Parkrose Business Association, Central City Concern, Columbia Slough Watershed Council, Historic Parkrose, the Parkrose Neighborhood Association, and Street Roots. Portland’s Local Improvement District (LID) improvement projects are primarily funded by property owners in partnership with the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT).  The NE 112th & Marx LID was able to redirect budgeted Bureau of Environmental Services funds to build a far more robust stormwater management system while also defraying costs of the LID for property owners. The Portland Water Bureau also took advantage of the opportunity to replace an undersized water main in NE 112th Avenue while the street was being reconstructed. For more information about PBOT, their participation in this event or LID efforts in your area, please contact PBOT at 1120 SW 5th Ave., Suite #800, Portland, OR 97204 or call Andrew Aebi at 503-823-5648. For information on BES’ Columbia Watershed Stewardship Program (CWSP), please contact Jennifer Devlin at: 503-823-1234.



Sewer and Septic Line Inspections For Home Buyers

The time to inspect a home’s sewer lines is before buying a home, yet very few home buyers think about this critical aspect of the inspection process. They know to get a home inspection, but sewer lines are an after thought if it occurs to a buyer at all. However, it’s one of the most important inspections a home buyer should have done. In fact, standard home inspections do not cover the structural integrity or condition of sewer or septic lines. A sewer scope provides an innovative approach to make an educated buying decision, plan for upcoming maintenance, budget for necessary repairs, or gain valuable purchase price negotiation. Remember, replacing sewer or septic lines can cost many thousands of dollars, so if you buy a home without inspecting those lines, you’re simply “buying” that liability; a classic case of “buyer beware.”

Septic Inspections & Maintenance For Current Home Owners

Even if your home’s plumbing or septic system appears to be functioning properly, sewer or septic line inspection is critically important to maintain the integrity and functionality of these often neglected systems. There are a number of causes for sewer and septic line failure that can occur over time. Tree roots, for example, are attracted to the nutrients and moisture that are found in sewer lines. If lines sewer or septic lines are cracked or damaged by wear and time, roots can infiltrate the system and grow until lines become backed up or burst completely. If invasion of roots is an issue, it’s best to contact a professional to remove the tree. To avoid future root issues, do not plant trees within 10 feet of a sewage line, or implement an underground barrier system to protect pipes.

Another common sewer or septic line problem that can occur without an obvious precipitating event are “sewer line bellies” or low areas which cause lines to sag and collect water and debris thus causing backup or blockage. A belly in a sewer line can be caused by geological events such as soil erosion, foundation settlement, earthquakes or by human error such as poor soil compaction or poor installation.


Who Should You Call For Your Sewer or Septic Line Inspection?

It’s important that you work with a full service company, especially if you have a septic system or are considering buying a home with a septic system. You should make sure the company can not only inspect your lines, but can follow through on repairs to your lines or septic system, either immediately or in the years to come. Finding the right company will ensure that the inspection and any necessary repairs are done by one company and not a group of sub contractors who may not take responsibility for their work. Be sure that your inspector is ATT (Alternative Treatment Technologies) and O&M (Operations and Maintenance) certified, and that they are part of a Preferred Plumber Program. Your real estate agent may be able to refer you to a full service company that provides comprehensive inspection, maintenance and repair services, and that has all of the necessary certifications.

What Is Involved In Sewer Line & Septic System Inspection?

When it comes to sewer and septic line inspection, the plumbing company inserts a snake attached to a small video camera into the clean-out and snakes the camera through the sewer. You can watch the image on a monitor, and even request a recording of the inspection in the event documentation is of value. Not only will the plumbing company find out if the sewer line is clean or clogged, but the inspection will disclose the condition of the sewer. Ask the contractor to tell you what kind of material was used to construct the sewer line and whether that type of material is considered good construction today. Some sewer lines are made up of different materials, from concrete to clay to cast iron.

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How Often Should You Inspect Your Septic System?

Tanks need to be well maintained to operate at their best. They require inspection every 1-3 years, depending on which region you’re in. A properly certified septic system inspector and installer will recommend servicing tanks every 3-5 years. They will need to be serviced more frequently for certain types of soaps (liquid soaps are harder on septic systems than powder). Also, any medical condition byproducts and the types of paper products discharged through your system will impact the frequency of service. If your home remains vacant for more than six months, septic problems can arise and an inspection is recommended.

Working together for a clean environment, River City Environmental provides stormwater services, septic services, plumbing, 24 hour emergency spill cleanup, excavation, industrial cleaning, parking lot, snow removal, grease trap/interceptors, drop boxes, lift stations and snow removal. Locally owned since 1995, we offer professional services to commercial and residential customers 24/7/365.