Bioswale remediation

Bioswales channel stormwater into a trough filled with vegetation, compost or mulch, and rubble to reduce runoff, increase infiltration, and remove pollutants. Bioswales are often positioned alongside roads and parking lots to capture runoff. Bioswales often cost less than traditional curb and gutter systems, though their efficacy is dependent on proper siting, design, and construction, as well as continued maintenance. Vegetation used in bioswales should be flood tolerant, erosion resistant, salt tolerant, and native when possible. Bioswales can be used in combination with other stormwater best management practices to manage high stormwater flows.

Regular maintenance is required to ensure continued effectiveness and system longevity, including regular mowing and reseeding, as well as inspections for erosion, weed control, and trash removal. Proper snow and sand removal are necessary to ensure that bioswales continue functioning after winters in cold areas.

Bioswale Benefits:

  • Uses natural processes to reduce stormwater runoff volume, rate, and pollutants and increase soil and groundwater infiltration
  • Green spaces can improve urban air quality, contribute to lower urban air temperatures, and be aesthetically pleasing
  • Can be easily retrofitted during any landscape modification or parking lot/street resurfacing
  • Construction and maintenance costs of bioswales are often lower than those of conventional stormwater management systems

Our Services:

  • Vegetation Establishment
  • Emergency Watering
  • Management of Extreme Events
  • Excavation and Removal of Pollutants
  • Damage Repair
  • Sediment Removal

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Bioswale Remediation
Bioswale Maintenance